What is a Variance?
A variance is a procedure whereby certain provisions of the Zoning Regulations can be relaxed when conditions peculiar to a specific property (and not the result of actions by the applicant) would cause an unnecessary and undue hardship with literal enforcement of the Zoning Regulations. A hardship occurs only when the literal application of the regulations would deprive the owner of all beneficial use of the property, or render it virtually without value. Variances can be granted for standards such as setbacks, lot widths, lot depths, or building heights.

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1. What is a Variance?
2. What is an Administrative Appeal?
3. How do I apply for a Variance or Appeal?
4. What does not qualify as a hardship?
5. Who can grant a Variance or Administrative Appeal?
6. What is the procedure for granting a Variance or Administrative Appeal?
7. Should I contact the Board prior to the meeting to explain my case?
8. If my request is denied, can I re-apply or get my money back?
9. What does it cost to apply for a Variance or an Appeal?