What is a Minor Plat?
The minor plat facilitates the subdivision plat approval process in those instances (including minor street dedication, easement dedication, and replats) where the highly formalized standard plat approval procedure is not necessary.

The Minor Plat subdivision approval procedure may be used when the following conditions have been met:

1. The Minor Plat and supporting instruments are respectively drawn and compiled in compliance with the Final Plat specifications as hereinafter provided. (See Final Plat Requirements and Final Plat Checklist)

2. The Minor Plat and supporting instruments and the subdivision they represent are not otherwise in contravention with Chapter 212, Local Government Code.

3. Each lot and block has frontage upon a dedicated and improved street to City specifications, or necessary dedication and improvements are part of the plat.

4. All easements to each block, or lot have been previously granted or are shown on the Plat.

5. The proposed development neither contains nor creates a significant drainage problem, nor is topography a salient development consideration.

6. All utilities required serving each block, or lot is in place or arrangements to provide same have been made with the appropriate agency.

7. If the subject property is not identifiable by reference to a previously recorded subdivision Plat and is to be platted as a single tract, the tract shall have street frontage of not less than the minimum specified by the Zoning Ordinance.

8. Subject property shall involve a maximum of four (4) lots.

9. Lot width and total lot area vary no more than five percent (5%) less than the equivalent dimensions of abutting lots.

10. Property which has previously had a total of four (4) lots platted from it via the Minor Plat procedure shall not have additional lots platted from it under the Minor Plat procedure.

The Minor Plat requires a Sketch Plat and Final Plat, which the City Planner can approve. (See Final Plat Requirements and Final Plat Checklist)

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