How do I apply for a vacation of an easement, right-of-way or alley?
If an easement, right-of-way or alley needs to be vacated, an application must be filed with the Planning Department. The application consists of a letter addressed to and submitted to staff; a scaled drawing depicting the proposed vacation; and the appropriate nonrefundable filing fee. Vacation of right-of-way or an alley requires payment for the value of the land involved. Vacation of an easement, right-of–way or alley could require the grant of an alternate easement, right-of-way or alley and payment for the cost of relocating facilities. The letter should include each of the following:
• Date
• Applicant’s name and contact information
• Applicant’s representative, if applicable
• Address of the subject property
• Name and contact information of surveyor preparing the plat, legal description,
sketch or schematic
• Explanation of the request detailing the need for the vacation
• Any additional information in support of the request

Please attach exhibits to the letter, including the legal description of both the subject property and the easement/right-of-way and the plat and/or schematic drawing.

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