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Public Information Request Police Department

  1. Open Records Request
    The City of Benbrook fully supports the spirit of the Texas Public Information Act. To request copies of records, or to request the opportunity to view records belonging to any department of the City, complete this form and submit online. Please be specific when describing the records. For Police Department records, please provide all information known, such as case number, name of person, or persons involved, date of incident, location, offense, etc. We will gather the information review it and have a response for you within the time period prescribed by law.
  2. Type of records request*
    1. Please be specific to assist in locating the record you are requesting. Provide all known information.
    2. How would you like to receive the requested information?*
    3. Cost of copies: Charges for standard paper copies are $0.10 per page. If an estimate of costs to copy information is required, you will be notified of the estimated cost. Actual costs may be higher or lower than the cost estimate. Cost estimates that exceed $100 require a deposit before a request can be processed.
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