Door-to-Door Solicitation

The City of Benbrook Code of Ordinances regulates solicitors and persons who distribute commercial handbills door-to-door or building-to-building. Persons conducting solicitor activities are required to obtain the proper permit or registration from the City prior to performing solicitation activities. Requirements include:

  • No person shall solicit within the public right-of-way of any street or highway
  • Solicitation and handbill distribution is not permitted between the hours of 9:00 p.m. and 9:00 a.m.
  • Solicitors and handbill distributors may not solicit or leave handbills at premises when a sign has been posted giving notice that solicitors are not welcome, such as “no solicitors” or words of similar meaning
  • If a person uses a vehicle in solicitation activities, there must be a sign located in a conspicuous place on the vehicle, identifying the name of the person or the company that the person represents. If the name is an individual, it must be followed by the word “solicitor”. The lettering on the sign must be at least two and one-half inches high
  • Solicitors and handbill distributors must wear a traffic safety vest

Solicitor Permit/Handbill Registration

Residents are encouraged to report any solicitation or handbill violations to the Benbrook Police Department at 817-249-1610.