The Way Home Program

The Way Home Program was created to help identify and assist lost or confused citizens that have wandered away from home. Citizens who suffer from Alzheimer's, Autism or any other condition that may cause them to have difficulty communicating vital information if they become lost are excellent candidates for the program.


If you are a family member or caretaker of someone that would benefit from registration with the Way Home Program, you may submit an application to have their information entered in the Benbrook Police Department database.

If your loved one becomes confused or disoriented and wanders from their residence, the information will assist officers in identifying and returning them home. Information is strictly confidential and will be used exclusively for identification of the lost victim and notifying family members upon contact.


Registrants must have guardianship and / or power of attorney for the person registered. Simply complete the form and return it to the Benbrook Police Department. The information and a photograph will be maintained by the department.

More Information

For additional information, please contact the Benbrook Police Department Crime Prevention Office at 817-249-6077.