Animal Shelter Advisory Committee

Texas Health and Safety Code Title 10 governs the Health and Safety of Animals. Specifically, Chapter 823 governs county or municipal Animal Shelters with certain standards of operation. These standards include requirements in housing and sanitation, animal control officer training, annual inspections by a veterinarian, and the keeping of records of the date and disposition of animals in its custody.

The governing body of a county or municipality in which an animal shelter is located shall appoint an advisory committee to assist in complying with the requirements of this chapter. The advisory committee must be composed of at least one licensed veterinarian, one municipal official, one person whose duties include the daily operation of an animal shelter, and one representative from an animal welfare organization. This committee meets at least three times a year.

Current members of the Benbrook Animal Shelter Advisory Committee are Rhonda Daniels, DVM; Caroline Lausch, 4-PAWS; Jennifer Sharp, Animal Control Officer; and David Babcock, Police Commander.

Check "Agendas & Meetings" on the main page for upcoming committee meetings. 

The Benbrook Animal Shelter is located at 467 Winscott Road, Benbrook, Texas 76126.

Animal Control: 817-249-1610