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Alcoholic Beverage Permit Application


  1. 1. Step One
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  • Step One

    2. Legal Description
    3. Type Permit
    4. Applying for
    5. This application is to be filed with the City Secretary, City of Benbrook, 911 Winscott Road, Benbrook, Texas 76126. The application must be submitted along with the following:
    6. 1. A copy of the TABC permit issued and fees paid to the State
    7. 2. A scale drawing showing the location of applicant's business in relation to streets, property lines, the nearest church, public or private school or public hospital.
    8. 3. Applicant addresses for the previous ten years.
    9. 4. List of other city permits or licenses held.
    10. 5. The names and addresses of all persons with an interest in such business.
    11. In signing this application I hereby certify thal all information contained in this permit application is true and correct.