Pet Registration

Registration Facts

  • All dogs and cats three months of age or older must be currently registered with Animal Control.
  • A current metal registration tag, issued by Animal Control or a veterinarian office authorized by Animal Control, must be attached to the animal at all times.
  • No dog or cat may be registered until it has a current rabies vaccination.
  • Registration and/or vaccination tags are valid only for the animal for which they were originally issued.
  • The registration period is from January 1 to December 31.


Registration fee is $5 and must be renewed annually. Duplicate tags are $1. Registration can be renewed at City Hall, 911 Winscott Road.

New Ownership

If ownership of a dog or cat changes, the new owner must apply with Animal Control, in person or in writing, to transfer registration. There is no charge for the transfer.

Animal Transfer

A fee of $20 per animal is required for Benbrook residents to relinquish ownership of a dog or cat and grant the City sole authority regarding its disposition. Transfer of two or more animals that are three months of age or younger and from the same litter, shall not exceed $40.