Nuisances & Running at Large

Animal Nuisances

The following acts are animal nuisances and constitute violations:
  • Animals kept in a manner endangering the public health, the accumulation of animal waste causing foul and offensive odors or considered a hazard to animals or humans, or continued presence on the premises of another.
  • The keeping of any animal which, by causing frequent or continued barking or noise disturbs persons in the vicinity.
  • The keeping of bees in a manner which denies the lawful use of adjacent property or endangers personal health and welfare.

Running at Large

It is unlawful for any dog or other animal possessed, kept or harbored, other than a cat, to run at-large. The animal control officer may impound animals running at-large, other than cats, and may impound a cat that has caused a nuisance or hazard to the health or welfare of humans or animals.